Duolingo HQ, Pittsburgh

When Bryan Construction was selected to bring the vision of Duolingo's new headquarters to life, the challenge was to create a space that reflected the innovative and dynamic spirit of the world’s leading language learning platform. Our team worked closely with Duolingo in building a headquarters that not only fostered collaboration and creativity but also embodied the company's commitment to breaking language barriers. The result is a vibrant, state-of-the-art facility that stimulates learning and interaction, completed on schedule to meet Duolingo's strategic needs.

Splash Lagoon,

In shaping the interior of Splash Lagoon, Erie, PA's beloved indoor water park, we focused on crafting its striking heavy timber structures. Our work supports the park's exciting attractions while enhancing the visitor experience. The result is a welcoming, naturally beautiful environment, showcasing our dedication to quality and attention to detail.

400 Beaver St. Apartments & Retail, Sewickley

At 400 Beaver St. Apartments & Rental in Sewickley, PA, our expertise in wood and metal framing was key in shaping its eye-catching exterior. This framework is essential, not only for the building's structural integrity but also for its aesthetic appeal. Our attention to detail ensures that the apartments are not just robust but also visually striking, embodying a perfect blend of functionality and design.